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Watching Michelle Pirret perform with her crystal instruments is like catching sight of a unicorn in the forest. A delicate combination coupled with her extraordinary voice is unlike anything you have ever experienced.” -Deena Kaye, Broadway Sound Designer, NYC

“The feeling of her music is equivalent to the soothing comfort of a warm bath.” -Robert “Red” Schiller, Dept. Chair, Mt. Sinai Beth Israel, NYC

“It was delightful to hear.” -Frank Ostaseski, Founder of Metta Institute, CA

“Very genuine, so talented and innovative. A true original!” -Amy Cunningham, Founder of Fitting Tribute Funerals, NY


“Michelle Pirret’s music, her story, and the deeply moving and beautiful way in which she shares it – is a gift to the world.” -Ingvild Waerhaug-Baron, Visual Artist, NY


“Simply transcendent. Divine. Inspiring. Vulnerable. Healing.” -Molly Murray, Physician Assistant, Emergency Medicine, NY

“The voice of an angel. I’m inspired to teach your beautiful chant to my kids. I have Stage IV cancer and am working on ceremony and ritual for my own passing.”

-Carrie J., NYC

“I sometimes return to the concert in my mind and it brings me to a peaceful and restorative place. Your talent and kindness makes the world better.” 

-Marie Dalton, Nurse, CT

“The healing energy of her music helped me through possibly the most transformative and challenging three weeks of my life.” 

Luc Salao Roullet, British West Indies

“So profound, I can barely find the right words. She is deeply connected to spirit, to source, and to her instruments. I learned so much about myself and my own soul in experiencing her voice & music.” -Jonathan R., Massage Therapist, CA



“One of the most healing experiences we’ve had at one of our events. Michelle takes each listener on a meditative journey.” -Rachel Goldstein, CEO, Agent of Change Events, NYC

“It was like entering NARNIA! It felt like there were 10 people creating this soundscape in a 3D movie, but it’s Michelle alone. Amazing! -Steven Cameron, V.I.P. Sales, NYC

“Michelle Pirret’s Sound Voyages are truly sublime. You feel your energy shift – a sense of elusive calm steal over – and the wonderful sensation of feeling alive and truly activated. She effortlessly etches a doorway through which you move into a rhythmic place of white space and sonic magic.” -Lianna Sugarman, Entrepreneur, NYC

“After our Sound Journey session, I slept for nearly 10 hours afterward and woke up feeling amazing!” -Emma Riach, Attorney, British West Indies

“Michelle is in a class of her own. As a Naturopathic Doctor working with both Eastern and traditional Western medicine, I recognize the transformative effect of such soothing and uplifting vibrations, especially in a world full of noise. It was truly a healing experience”.  -Dr. Meghan O’Reilly, Functional Medicine, British West Indies

“An unexpected and surprising result for both my husband and I. It was transformative.”  Christine Dinse and Jens Reidel, Switzerland

“I feel totally blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her. Such an incredible gift!” -Barbara Underwood, Landscape Designer, British West Indies

“Pure Heart. Created a deep feeling of safety.” -Jeanne Denney, Somatic Psychotherapist & Death Educator, NYC

“The amazing impact my husband and I experienced in our couple session was a level so beyond any other stress-relieving therapy I have ever tried! More so than massage, acupressure, Richway BioMat, etc. As a Doctor, I have tried them all. Michelle’s offering is so unique, I will gladly travel from Wisconsin to NY to experience it again.”
-Suzanne C. Bielinski, Dayspring Wellness Center, Wisconsin

“We all still remember your incredible skills and the amazing feeling when you played for us in our beautiful Renaissance chapel.” -Lucie M., Prague, Czech Republic

“The experience connected me to many memories, people and feelings I had long forgotten. It connected me to myself and my own breath. The sounds cleansed me emotionally with gentleness, empathy and a feeling of support.”
-Selma G., Ravello, Italy

“The highlight of our trip at The Palms Turks and Caicos was being able to hear Michelle Pirret. A talented jazz singer and Sound Practitioner…A surreal experience you will not forget!” -Dr. April Marquardt, Rheumatologist, Michigan

“The Universe is so good! A beautiful experience of a journey through Sound Meditation.” -Jaclynn Brennan, Fashion/Creative Executive, NYC

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