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“Watching Michelle Pirret perform with her crystal instruments is like seeing a unicorn in the forest. Hearing this unique and delicate combination coupled with her extraordinary voice is unlike anything you have ever experienced.” -Deena Kaye, Theatrical Sound Designer and Author, NYC

“The feeling of her music is equivalent to the soothing comfort of a warm bath.” -Robert “Red” Schiller, Dept. Chair, Mt. Sinai Beth Israel, NYC

“It was delightful to hear.” -Frank Ostaseski, Award winning Author and Founder of Metta Institute, San Francisco, CA

“Very genuine, so talented and innovative. A true original! -Amy Cunningham, Founder of The Inspired Funeral, NY


“Michelle Pirret’s music, her story, and the deeply moving and beautiful way in which she shares it – is a gift to the world.” -Ingvild Waerhaug-Baron, Designer, NY


“Simply transcendent. Divine. Inspiring. Vulnerable. Healing.” -Molly Murray, Physician Assistant, Emergency Medicine, NY

“The voice of an angel. I’m inspired to teach your beautiful chant to my kids. I have Stage IV cancer and am working on ceremony and ritual for my own passing.” -Carrie J., NYC

“I sometimes return to the concert in my mind and it brings me to a peaceful and restorative place. Your talent and kindness makes the world better.” -Marie Dalton, Nurse, CT


“The healing energy of her music helped me through possibly the most transformative and challenging three weeks of my life.” -Luc Salao Roullet, British West Indies


“So profound, I can barely find the right words. She is deeply connected to spirit, to source, and to her instruments. I learned so much about myself and my own soul in experiencing her voice & music.” -Ethan C., Massage Therapist, CA


“Thank you for your soulful presence and the experience of your music. It was incredible.” -Barbara Slaine, My Healing Room: Alliance for Conscious End-of-Life Transitioning, CT 



“One of the most healing experiences we’ve had at one of our events. Michelle takes each listener on a meditative journey.” -Rachel Goldstein, Founder Agent of Change Events, NYC

“Michelle Pirret’s Sound Voyages are truly sublime. You feel your energy shift – a sense of elusive calm steal over – and the wonderful sensation of feeling alive and truly activated. She effortlessly etches a doorway through which you move into a rhythmic place of white space and sonic magic.” -Lianna Sugarman, Entrepreneur, NYC

“After our Sound Journey session, I slept for nearly 10 hours afterward and woke up feeling amazing!” -Emma Riach, Attorney, British West Indies

“Michelle is in a class of her own. As a Naturopathic Doctor working with both Eastern and traditional Western medicine, I recognize the transformative effect of such soothing and uplifting vibrations, especially in a world full of noise. It was truly a healing experience”. -Dr. Meghan O’Reilly, Doctor of Functional Medicine, British West Indies

“An unexpected and surprising result for both my husband and I. It was transformative.”
-Christine Dinse and Jens Reidel, Switzerland

“I feel totally blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her. Such an incredible gift!” -Barbara Underwood, Landscape Designer, British West Indies

“Pure Heart. Created a deep feeling of safety.” -Jeanne Denney, Somatic Psychotherapist & Death Educator, NYC

“The amazing impact my husband and I experienced in our couple session was a level so beyond any other stress-relieving therapy I have ever tried! More so than massage, acupressure, Richway BioMat, etc. As a Doctor, I have tried them all. Michelle’s offering is so unique, I will gladly travel from Wisconsin to NY to experience it again.”
-Suzanne C. Bielinski, Dayspring Wellness Center, Wisconsin

“We all still remember your incredible skills and the amazing feeling when you played for us in our beautiful Renaissance chapel.” -Lucie M., Prague, Czech Republic

“The experience connected me to many memories, people and feelings I had long forgotten. It connected me to myself and my own breath. The sounds cleansed me emotionally with gentleness, empathy and a feeling of support.”
-Selma G., Ravello, Italy

“The highlight of our trip at The Palms Turks and Caicos was being able to hear Michelle Pirret. A talented jazz singer and Sound Practitioner…A surreal experience you will not forget!” -Dr. April Marquardt, Rheumatologist, Michigan

“The Universe is so good! A beautiful experience of a journey through Sound Meditation.” -Jaclynn Brennan, Fashion/Creative Executive, NYC

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