In receiving Sound Meditation, it is important to note that this is collaborative work.

We work together in crystalizing an intention at the beginning of a session. I am not claiming to be a “healer”, but rather a facilitator providing tools, specific overtones and correct instrumentation to assist you in your own process.

Based on the set intention, I structure our session by choosing the appropriate instruments with a multitude of frequencies. Through the precise layering of instruments such as Alchemy crystal singing bowls, archaic gongs, indigenous hand percussion, ocean and frame drums, tuning forks, chimes, and rattles – Alpha and Theta brain waves are stimulated.

What results is the stimulation of the vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system being affected to “kick-start” the body’s own self-healing properties at a cellular level. Using conscious-altering modalities, vibrational “medicine” promotes the release of endorphins to release trapped energy in the body – positively affecting heart-rate variability.

All Sound Meditation sessions are offered in a private or group setting by appointment.


Individual and group sessions are 75 minutes.

Wearing comfortable clothes, you will be fully resting on a body cushion or thick yoga mat. You will need a pillow and a warm cover or blanket for yourself. A eye-mask or scarf is essential to help induce darkness and a deeper meditative state. Body temperature drops when you drift into the Theta brain state – best to be prepared.

During a session, a multitude of healing instruments are played over and around the body to surround and envelope you, inducing a deep meditative state. It is in this relaxed form that body’s parasympathetic nervous system is able to shift or “jump-start” into begin healing itself altering many physical and mental ailments that afflict us.

At the end of our session together – for the next few hours – it is advised to “be gentle” with yourself to allow the vibratory process to continue working within the body.

Client’s results vary from unblocking and ridding stagnant emotion, to feelings of deep relaxation, clarity, reduced anxiety, improved sleep, and heightened awareness of self and the world around them. Much like a dedicated meditation practice, the effects are varied and cumulative.


All Sound Meditation Sessions are offered in a private or group setting by appointment.

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