It is important to note that this modality of therapeutic work is collaborative. I am neither a doctor, nor a shaman – but a facilitator of Vibrational Wellness by providing a method of working with acoustic tools, specific overtones and frequencies to assist you in your own process of attaining optimal health.

In a SONIC LEAP™ session, binaural and harmonic instrumental frequencies (not music) are organized and layered – played live around the body. This stimulates the vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system allowing the brain to experience “entrainment” – becoming synchronized with the overtones being played. 

In turn, the body’s resonant frequency is transformed – releasing endorphins which positively affect heart-rate variability. What results is a cellular restart allowing one to gently “shift gears” to attain balance of the mind, body and spirit. 

All sessions are by appointment. Please contact for pricing and location information.

PRIVATE SESSION : 30 min / 80 min

  • Individual or couple session (for 1-2 person)
  • Out-call appointments available. Additional transportation & cartage fee for instrument set-up & disassembly (+3 hours additional time)

GROUP SESSION:  30 min/ 80 min

Price per person (4 person minimum)


  • End-of-Life sessions bedside in Hospice or Palliative Care facility
  • Sessions also available for family members and loved ones during transition


    • Solo Concerts
    • Corporate Events
    • Wellness Retreats
    • Workshops
    • Memorial Services



Wearing comfortable clothes, you will be fully resting on a body cushion or thick yoga mat with a pillow and warm cover or blanket. SONIC LEAP™ sessions may also be received sitting upright if mobility is an issue. A eye-mask is essential to help induce darkness and a deeper state of relaxation. 

We begin together, connecting to your breath with guided inhalations and exhalations. Over the course of the session, you will be led on a transformative sonic journey. A multitude of vibratory instruments will be played over and around the body creating a third dimensional soundscape that surrounds and envelopes you. 

Think of the equivalent to receiving a slow massage where the only thing touching you is sound. You will gently and gradually be transported to a meditative state.

It is in this relaxed form that the body’s parasympathetic nervous system is able to shift or “jump-start” beginning to shift at the cellular level. What results is the positive reorganization of many physical and mental states that afflict us. 

At the end of your session – for the next few hours to follow – it is advised to “be gentle” with yourself to allow the vibratory process to continue working within the cells of the body for the next few hours.

Much like a dedicated meditation practice, the effects are varied and cumulative.

Recipients of the SONIC LEAP™ have experienced:

  • Increased concentration and mental fluidity
  • Improved work productivity
  • Alternative form of pain management
  • Deep relaxation 
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Improved sleep & normalization of circadian rhythms
  • Consciousness expansion 
  • Connection to intuition & one’s higher self
  • Release of stagnant energy of the physical, mental & emotional body

Studio Policy: 

*Sales tax as currently mandated by New York State will be added to the cost of each treatment or package 

*Session times are reserved especially for you. Cancellations or re-scheduling of private or group sessions require 24-hour notice in advance of the scheduled appointment time. 


Begin your exploration into self-healing and vibrational wellness with a SONIC LEAP™ session.

I look forward to us working together.

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