"It was wonderful! Calming, relaxing - just what I needed before the big night. Like seashells in the brain."

-Oprah Winfrey



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Welcome to my site. I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Michelle.

I’m a musician and International Facilitator of Sonic Alchemy.

What does that mean?

I created the SONIC LEAP™ method, a form of Sound Meditation that works to promote harmonic well-being through the use of auditory stimulation. By replicating tones found in nature, I assist you in balancing the energetics of the body. 

Through the use of overtone-emitting instruments, a shifting of consciousness can occur enabling you to “leap over” what may be impeding you in thought and action.

Who benefits?

My clients span the globe from homemakers to CEO’s, Olympic athletes to royalty. Many are top performers in high-stress professions seeking non-invasive, drug-free ways to center their bodies and minds. They need results that work quickly and effectively. 

Much like a musical instrument, the human body often goes “out of tune”. Stress, exhaustion, jet lag, physical and emotional pain, and even competition in the workplace can all take a toll on our bodies.  Disharmony becomes illness. Sound Therapy is a solution to this.

All tones played in a SONIC LEAP™ session are created from live acoustic instruments and voice. Nothing is prerecorded, digitized or plugged-in. Unlike meditation apps, there are no radio/electromagnetic waves (REMF’s and EMF’s) to disrupt cellular harmony.

As a performing artist having withstood debilitating injuries, I have a deep understanding and knowledge of structural alignment and the energy meridians in the body. Following  the roadmap of the body, I assist you in finding energetic balance. With certification in Integrative Thanatology, I am also trained to assist in end-of-life transitions functioning as a death doula working with sound.   



The foundation of my work is rooted in over twenty years as a performer and professional musician in New York City. Having studied film scoring and composition, one of my favorite pursuits is creating soundscapes. Since early childhood, a favorite pastime was to be in conversation with nature, mimicking the multi-rhythms of birds, owls, snakes, water and wind – each with their own language.  

Although Sonic Alchemy is different from “music”, I believe everyone – from infants to the elderly – can benefit from receiving this work. 

The power of sound and frequency work is transformational.

SONIC LEAP™ sessions are experienced in private, couple, and group settings. Instruments such as Alchemy crystal singing bowls, gongs, voice, and indigenous hand percussion are played around the circumference of the body and the room. I do not place instruments or touch the body directly. As regulated by state law in a Spa setting, contact with the body requires a massage therapy license. A SONIC LEAP™ session is an entirely hands-free, no-touch experience. 

As a MUSIC ARTISTI offer solo vocal performances for festivals, benefits, memorials, symposiums, and corporate events . In live performance, I utilize repertoire from The Great American Songbook – jazz and pop songs – while accompanying myself instrumentally on Alchemy crystal singing bowls. Whether it is the celebration of love or the passing of a life, I wish to honor these occasions in an innovative and deeply reflective way.

About Michelle

Michelle Pirret delivers a soothing tonal palette to those that are receiving sonic offerings. In solo performance her vocal accompaniment are Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls created by Crystal Tones™ for whom she is a brand Ambassador. In concert, the sounds produced by her ensemble of over four dozen crystal instruments is likened to hearing an angelic choir – with each individual bowl having a unique voice with variations in tones and pitch.

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