Sound Meditation Practitioner, Music Artist, Integrative Thanatology

Utilizing Vibroacoustic Instruments as Sonic Therapy to facilitate & promote self-healing and consciousness


“As a jazz vocalist and Sound Meditation Practitioner, I utilize vibroacoustic instruments as a form of sonic therapy to facilitate and promote one’s own self-healing and individual consciousness.



Vibroacoustics can be utilized for those that are actively dying or in transition. It can also be beneficial for the families during and after the loss of a loved one. My work is done by appointment with patients in private hospice, Palliative Care or in private and group sessions to assist in helping induce a meditative state through the transformative power of music and sound.

For ceremony, such as Memorial Services and funerals-using only crystal singing bowls as instrumentation with vocals, I have cultivated specific vocal repertoire rooted in jazz standards for performance that is reflective of the narrative of death, loss, transition, bereavement and hope. I wish to honor those that have passed in a non-denominational, yet sacred way.

Sound Meditation Sessions are for everyone

Using powerful Gong Therapy, crystal singing bowls, indigenous hand percussion, ocean and frame drums, tuning forks, chimes, and rattles, Sound meditation sessions will “kick-start” the body’s own self-healing properties at a cellular level.

About Michelle

As a Sound Practitioner, Michelle delivers a soothing tonal palette to those that are receiving sonic offerings. In working with vocals, her instrument of choice are Alchemy crystal singing bowls. The sounds produced by her ensemble of bowls is likened to hearing a delicate harmonic choir, each with variations in tones and pitch.

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