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Welcome to my site! So glad you are here.

I work as an international Sonic Alchemist.

What does that mean?

I fuse elements of being a musician with that of a wellness practitioner by integrating VIBRATION of the voice with FREQUENCIES from specialized overtone emitting instruments. As a therapeutic form of sonic therapy, I aim to facilitate and promote one’s own harmonic well-being and expansion of consciousness.

Who benefits?

Like a musical instrument, we can go “out of tune”.  Disharmony becomes illness. My work focuses on assisting you to help eliminate discord with the use of directed frequency – applied on and around the body.

I have over 5000 hours of practicum experience with a multitude of clients across the globe –  from the worlds of medicine, wellness, politics, law, entertainment, fashion, sports, real estate, finance, literary, hospitality and homemakers. I also assist at the bedside in end-of-life transitions.

With the benefit of my many years as a performing artist having withstood debilitating injuries, I have a heightened understanding and knowledge of structural alignment and energy meridians in the body. 

If you are feeling burnt-out, stressed-out, have trouble sleeping, are afflicted with physical, mental or emotional pain, or simply want to escape for some personal rejuvenation time…

I can assist you. 


My work with music is the culmination of over a decade as a professional jazz vocalist in New York City.  This is the foundation of my work.

Although it is different from “music”, I believe everyone – from infants to the elderly – can benefit from receiving Sound Meditation.

The power of sound and frequency work is transformational.

I offer Sound Meditation in solo concert performance, in addition to other ways.

As a Sound Practitioner, my “Sound Journeys” are experienced in group or private sessions, utilizing applied frequencies from overtone emitting instruments such as Alchemy crystal singing bowls, symphonic gongs, and a variety of indigenous hand percussion which closely replicate many elements found in nature.

With certification in Integrative Thanatology, my vibroacoustic work is also offered therapeutically at the bedside to those that are actively dying or facing end-of-life transition. 

As a Music Artist, I perform solo vocal concerts and performances for festivals, benefits, symposiums, memorial services – and the like. I have cultivated specific repertoire from The Great American Songbook, as well as  jazz and pop songs which are reflective of the occasion. Whether it is the celebration of love or the passing of a life, I wish to honor these occasions in a non-religious, yet sacred way.

Sound Meditation Sessions are for everyone

The benefits of Sound Meditation and Vibroacoustics have been studied by researchers and physicians worldwide, including the National Institute of Health.

Amongst numerous attributes are: an alternative form of pain relief; the promotion of deep relaxation and better sleep; reduction in stress, anxiety and depression; enhanced concentration and brain productivity; helping to stabilize the breath in respiratory dysfunction; and facilitating an expansion of consciousness.

About Michelle

Michelle Pirret delivers a soothing tonal palette to those that are receiving sonic offerings. In solo performance her vocal accompaniment are Alchemy crystal singing bowls. The sounds produced by her ensemble of over two dozen specialized crystal instruments is likened to hearing a delicate harmonic choir, each with variations in tones and pitch.

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Live solo performances, retreats and Sound Meditation facilitation.

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